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As we approach into summer, and classes come to an end, we're pleased to officially announce the release of BlockoutMC on Friday June 15th, 2018 Sunday June 24th 3PM EST.

I would personally like to thank all of the staff team for making this possible, and the great support from our community members during Beta testing.

Beta Map:
1 week after the re-launch we have reached our max players!
  • This is a great accomplishment for BMC, as we make our way to growing much bigger.
New Features:
  1. Clans will be implemented in a few days. Creation of clans is a purchasable perk with the new global currency: Bits
  2. The Bits system is a separate economy from in-game (you can see a screenshot below of the store)
  3. Voting will also be implemented in the upcoming days. Voting will provide you with PvP supplies and a random chance of winning some Bits
  4. There is now an Anti-Looter timer of 10 seconds. Anyone that is not in your clan will not be able to loot items that you are rewarded with during that time. Also this only rewards the player who dealt the most damage.
  5. AuctionHouse has been added. You can access the auction house interface by typing /ah. This will allow you to sell your items to the entire server when online or offline
  6. You can now view all of BMC's punishments @

This beta map will end Friday June 15th @ 12PM EST Sunday June 24th @ 3PM...
Welcome to the BlockoutMC forums!

BlockoutMC is a death-match free for all player vs. player type server. Your goal is to kill players, earn nuggets as money, and buy better gear. You will also be able to enchant the gear you have purchased. EXP dispensers and enchantment tables are hidden areas in our map.

Our goal/the goal of this server is to improve the player's PvP skills, while creating a fun community where players become friends.

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