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Billybongo123's Staff Application

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Billybongo123, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Billybongo123

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    Dec 1, 2018
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    Name (or nickname / ign): Billy
    Minecraft IGN: Billybongo123
    Discord: BillyDoes#8569
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    Country: England
    How Long have you a part of the BlockoutMC community for: At this moment in time 30 minutes (but i was part of odiegaming)
    Have you ever been part of the staff team on other servers before: I have but not on any big servers like: mineplex and hypixel etc
    Have you ever been muted or banned on Blockout before? Why?
    Explain your past experience(s) of being a staff member on other servers. If you were demoted, please explain why:
    I was a manager on a server (factions) and i think i managed it pretty well because there were no toxic/rude people on the server and i was doing alright with the commands etc. Ive never been demoted.
    Explain how mature you are. If someone was constantly harassing you in chat, how would you respond?
    I would temporarily mute them for atleast an hour
    Are you able to record videos in order to prove somebody is cheating? If so please provide a video example to show the quality of your videos.
    I have gyazo and gyazo gif so i can screenshot and make videos. and that is the kind of quality it should be
    Do you understand the server's rules? Will you enforce the server's rules? If someone is breaking a rule, what would you do?: Yes I understand and will enforce them and depending on what it is i will kick/mute/ban/tempban them
    Are you currently a staff member on another server?
    No Not at the moment because ive only just started playing minecraft again
    Do you have any past staffing experiences on any other server? If so please state which server and what you did.
    I was a manager on bunnymc i believe but it got shutdown ages ago and i was a manager
    How long have you been playing on BlockoutMC for?
    30 mins
    How long do you plan to stay on the server for? as long as i can
    Why do you think you would be a good fit for the staff team? im pretty good at keeping the chat nice and tidy and im not the best at building but can help
    How many hours can you usually play on weekdays?
    4-6 a day normally but it could be 3 on fridays
    How many hours can you usually play on weekends?
    6-7 hours a day normally
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    @Billybongo123 Please re-apply by moving this post/application under "Staff Applications".
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